“If we look for problems, we will find them everywhere. Out of concern for ourselves and our psychic well-being, let us look instead for the aspects of wonder.”
— from Michael Goulish’s “39 Microlectures: In Proximity Of Performance”

Hüsker Dü - Makes No Sense At All / Love Is All Around

Misviewing Misviewing

Ta-Nehisi Coates on leaving Paris


So we are leaving tomorrow and I am more scared going than I am coming. I am not just a romantic, I am a committed one. That is to say, I believe in the importance, not just in feeling things, but in following those feelings through. Should that following lead you to disaster, it can never make you wrong. It can only make you a traveler.


enduring fascinations

- sex (self-loathing)
- money (irresponsibility, personal disasters)
- Mormon missionaries who give up two years of their lives in an act of faith (dedication, hardship, failure, self-doubt, people who actually live their beliefs, people who are pressured to go live out their beliefs)
- fear of photography (taking vs. making, selfishness, invasion of personal space, being sneaky, anger, powerlessness, fooling people, fear of getting my ass kicked, vulnerability)
- people who think everyone with a camera is a child molester
- transforming one’s identity
- making a new person

Documenting process

As a full-time student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago I’m using Tumblr document my process.  Brace yourselves for some serious oversharing.

#Chicago. Shot during #SAICorientation. I’m the world’s oldest undergrad! #ArtSchool

Stay happy, people.

Guarded: #Chicago’s summer sunlight.